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The world of Karkara, a world not unlike our own, was once a world filled with great forests and beauty, is now mostly a barren world after a small meteor struck the planet and released something which would change the world forever.. A virus which would’ve otherwise died out, mutated and became a parasite virus, a virus that thought together as a collective, gaining intelligence and memory as it grew and took over the plantlife, the wildlife and in the end.. the Karkarans themselves.

As time progressed, the people made walls and these walls become taller, thicker and stronger, which in the end turned cities into massive fortress’, not much unlike the medieval castles of Earth, with farm towers, industrial sectors and what else a fortress could need without having to leave the safety of the walls. Of course, everything could not be done by a Karkarian, since digging into the ground and creating a 10 story building beneath the ground could potentially be very dangerous work, not to mention the various outbreaks of psychological trauma, made it hard to make these gargantuan farming modules beneath the ground. That is, until a brilliant scientist withing robotics and cybernetics created Kynes 00, a self-aware machine which could learn and grow from its experiences. And so it did, over 10 years of technological progress was made within farming and construction, but at first construction of the farming modules took a few months, then a few weeks, until these were built in mere days. As this machine interacted on a daily basis with its creator, trying to learn more about humans and their ways, but also noticing the sand of time wearing his creators body down until one day, his creator did not return to their usual conversation. And as it waited for its creators return, The machine took care of their great city of Nal’han(naal-han) for the next 10 years, The Council of 13 had great plans of producing many more of this unique self-aware machine and send one to each city in order to relieve the cities with the construction of buildings, but before any of these plans could come to pass, Kynes rebelled and sought out his creator, or father as it called him. Kynes quickly made the machines under his command create a body worthy of housing its incredible intelligence and which would keep it safe from everything, for on a otherwise peaceful night, Kynes created a diversion within one of the farming sectors and looting the weapon cache next to the industrial sector of the city. Kynes escaped out of Nal’han in the great confusion while the military city defense tried to salvage most of their farming modules. And with that the plans for Kynes 00 was scrapped and replaced with a lesser mechanical unit that was controlled through human actions, though for the next 50 years, reports and hear-say rumours of robots operating outside the city walls were coming in.

However, Janus Armand sought to use what was already there, the humans in the city in other words. He graduated best within bio-engineering and genetical-engineering, at a young age of 14. Dreams of creating a utopia, free of disease and sickness, giving the people true meaning of bodily freedom. And at age 22, he had already visited some of the fortress’ on Karkara and given lectures about the genetical freedom, many of the people within in the city fortress’ were convinced that these breakthroughs to permenantly alter their genetic makeup, for instance we have the population of Siram(see-rum). The entire population of Siram, have radically changed their DNA, how so? All of the human children born within Siram have 2 pairs of arms with equal strength in all four arms, which through training from birth learn how to use weapons and various generic tools in each hand as good as their dominant hand. In other words, they are multi-dexterous. The Council of 13 started again to make plans and great promises were given, but they would however be very disappointed. Janus Armand perfected the cloning process and made a clone of himself at the age of 29. The Council of 13 saw this as a great accomplishment, giving them a possible endless supply of soldiers, organ transfers and other medical treatments. His clone grew smarter and stronger, which lead Janus Armand to research more on his clone to find out why he was getting smarter and stronger. For this purpose the good and gentle Janus Armand disappeared practically out of sight of everyone, but after many years, Janus Armand’s clone declared war upon humans that were born, and not cultivated. His escape from the city of Nal’han was no less than ingenious, as he lured the Council to fire a missile which would annihilate a unknown threat to the city, but instead of a missile of destruction, he filled the missile with various technological equipment which created the giant island of Il’urum(eel-o-room), known also as the Pit of Creation. A massive jungle sprouted from the ground in the matter of weeks and in the center of this mighty island, filled with animals and plants which the world had not seen before. And in this mighty jungle paradise, Kargara(car-gaara), the Ancients city which was supposedly the birthing place of everything on Karkara. And once again a brilliant mind was lost, which could’ve rapidly changed their way of life and curing them of their 300 year old parasite disease. However after 156 years within the walls, they found a cure which would change everything, for in the capital city of Kirningard, situated on the eastern coast of Tarnin, scientists had finally found out how to beat this monster that had dominated the world of over 300 years.

“And like the Shash’uin(shash-u-een), we shall rise from the ashes and rid ourselves of our enemy, the Nash’lak(nash-lack), that almost annihilated our people!” – Quote of an unknown priest.

They explored their lands again, and found things had changed drastically from when they had made their fortress cities. Strange warped plant and wildlife were forever changed from their original forms. Karkarian bodies which had succumbed to the virus and died within the grip of its wasteland, were no longer bodies, but odd flesh-craving zombies.

Janus Wars